Our clients pay their VAs directly, SAVING YOU paying high markup fees!!!

Time To Win Your Time Back Outsource AI & Busy Work.

Low Cost / High Value Virtual Assistants. Let Us Help Build Your Remote Team One VA at a Time.

Message from Beejel Parmar
- Beejel Parmar, CEO & Founder
“Overwhelmed, overstretched, overworked entrepreneurs and small business owners can now outsource the MORBID PARTS of their business to one of our Busy Bee Virtual Assistants for as little as $5 per day / $5 per hour. By doing so you’ll win back your precious time, conserves mental energy and saves your sanity”

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1


Watch the 7 minute pricing overview video or 30 minute deep dive overview video to discover if our services and unique pricing match your needs

Step 2


Complete Intake form and Schedule Suitability Call to get all your questions answered and evaluate if we're a Compatible Aligned Team Member to Create Happiness in your business)

Step 3


We help you write a job description and then match you to 2-3 VAs from our network. We arrange interviews and help onboard select VA(s).

The Benefits

Time Rich Entrepreneur

Are you a TIME RICH or TIME POOR entrepreneur?

Are you a Results Rich or Results Poor Entrepreneur?

Yoda would have said something like this in Task Wars

Delegate You Must

In order to do that, you’ll need to delegate the MORBID PARTS of your business to:

Improve efficiency

Conserve your time

Boost productivity

​Make money

​Reduce effort

While maximizing results.
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Beware The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

Wearing too many hats

The never ending To-Do list

Procrastinating on key tasks

​Resisting income generating activities

​Mental & physical fatigue

​Stretched doing too many different things

Which makes you feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated! 

Yoda would have said something like this in Task Wars

You’ll R.A.V.E. About Our Process

We Take The Hassle Out Of Hustle of Hiring”

Our VAs come Recommended Applicants, Vetted & Evaluated, so NO need to spend hours and hours vetting applications from Virtual Assistants who don’t even qualify.

Our Virtual Assistants come recommended by our Inner Circle of Virtual Assistants and go through 3 levels of vetting before we present them to you.

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Our Oh So Sweet 85% Retention Rate

OK, not perfect, but you’d agree that’s as sweet as honey!

We want to protect you from the BUSY WORK that can be a pain in your life.

Let our Busy Bees do the busy work while you enjoy the every so sweet results that we can help you achieve.