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Omni-Present Sales Enablement

Close more sales by engaging with the right leads across multiple platforms

Harness the Power of Data

Easily organize your leads, enrich data, and keep communication cross-channel under one roof

Integrations just a click away

Get native integration for your smart business tools and CRM with Kennected

Improve your deliverability and conversations

Added Layer of Personalization

Reach out to the right audience with the right level of personalization to improve your deliverability and conversations. Personalizing outreach has a measurable effect on how positively prospects react and how likely they are to set a meeting with you. With Smart Sequences, you can even make your messages contingent on your prospect’s actions, such as whether they clicked on a link or if they opened an email.

Interact with your potential customers

Your Multi-Channel Outreach Partner

Interacting with your potential customers across multiple platforms increases your chances of landing a quality conversation. That’s why having the ability to effortlessly switch between LinkedIn and Email messages in one place is so crucial. And soon we’ll have SMS and Dialing integrated within here as well!

Our easy-to-read comprehensive reports help you make smarter decisions with greater confidence. Quickly see crucial metrics about outgoing connection requests, sent messages, responses received, email open rates, link clicks, new leads, acquired customers, and dozens of other valuable data points. Take the guesswork out of growing your pipeline.

Take the guesswork out of growing your pipeline.

Make Better Decisions with Smarter Reporting