Too many people today are focused on “INTENTION” yet we all know the best of intentions will never save your relationships or build your companies. attentiveness is Cool, but it NEVER will, can or should replace ATTENTION.

Power of Attention

Attention is the great equalizer for small businesses yet it is the number ONE reason that clients will leave you. Another word “COMMUNICATION” completely masks the NUMBER ONE thing people will complain about.

When Clients are not getting the “attention” they feel they have paid for they will become resentful. That attentiveness comes in the form of communication.

As a marketer you know I LOVE AUTOMATION. I love staying in touch with people and helping them feel connected to the culture and the products and to ME. Automation solves problems or does it.


Automation is not the REPLACEMENT to real attention. It is the additive, the secret sauce but not the meal. Imagine just having the ‘secret sauce’ (which is not so secret anymore) When you order a Big Mac. No burger, no bun, no Fixings, JUST THE SAUCE.

Completely unsatisfying, as a matter of fact, the “secret sauce” without the rest of the sandwich is actually GROSS. When it is NOT attached to real awareness, automation may even be considered disgusting and completely unappealing.


When you look at the reason that Doctors are sued it is rarely anything that cannot be addressed if “attentiveness” is applied. As a matter of fact, if the patient FEELS like the Dr is paying real attention to them they are less likely to sue EVEN if they were miss diagnosed.

TRUST creates OPPORTUNITY for growth and longevity. When you pay real attentiveness to clients and important relationships you build trust. So, when you build high levels of trust your business will grow faster and easier than ever before.


When you pay attention to the wrong things in business you will lose your ability to conduct business. Marketing is what needs awareness in business more than anything else. Marketing that DISPLAYS your attention to your client’s wants & needs will create the profitable business relationships you are looking for.

Attention is Often synonymous with Communication. Think about how a husband & wife might argue and the “frustration” that develops during an argument. You might hear one spouse sharing with the other “You NEVER listen to me!” and the response might be “I always “listen” as a matter of fact here is exactly what you just said.

Sharing exactly what was said in some minds might be the right thing to do, but clearly, the person on the receiving end of the original statement is NOT LISTENING. It is not about what was said but how they are interpreting your reaction to what they are SHARING. Are you PAYING ATTENTION to their frustrations, concerns, wants, and desires. The frustrated spouse or customer is not Interested at all if you heard them, they are interested that you are paying attention and FEELING THEM!

We can keep digging and I can share example after example of the importance of “awareness” and how automation is NOT ATTENTION but you get the point.

TIME = Attention: “Take the time to make a client feel important by simply reaching out to them to share a hello or congratulations.

LISTENING = Attention: When you are listening you must let the client KNOW that their frustrations are important and will be addressed. Follow-up is part of the listening process (this is showing that you are PAYING ATTENTION) Follow-up is a must.

AUTOMATION ≠ Attention: Automation is a bridge, it is simply a tool to deliver the components but it is NOT attention or communication. Automation no longer “FOOLS” clients, in some cases it can even frustrate them.

Find 3 ways to help create more attention to DETAIL, more awareness of COMMUNICATION & CUSTOMER SERVICE, and more attention to your relationships in business.