I am never really certain as to why this is so hard to grasp. Yet I find myself at times
as a creator struggling to make sure that the content, product, or service is in
alignment with my dam “AVATAR”.

If you want to download our AVATAR CHEAT SHEET here is the link.

Yes, because I was the expert in my field based on being “published” so often I never had a challenge recruiting. Now because we have many published courses people want to learn from us and then they want to work with us in many capacities.

Some people want to promote our courses as affiliates and spread the word and expertise.

Please understand that without “KNOWING” who you are selling to specifically eventually your company will experience marketing pain and fatigue. You will find yourself fractured and all over the place. Your messages will be trying to please “EVERYONE” and will actually not please anyone.

Determining a Strong AVATAR

Determining a strong AVATAR of CLIENT MODEL you give yourself a clear competitive advantage. I MEAN A REAL competitive advantage. Here is WHY. Your competition will try to be everything to everyone as well, that is why in most cases entrepreneurs are taking that path. The path of being everything to everyone.

When you are specific an clear and talking to ONE PERSON in a room full of people TWO THINGS HAPPEN, the audience respects you and the person your talking to connects with you in a deep and unique way. THIS drives sales more than anything else you can do.

Knowing WHO your avatar is will stream line your marketing, your landing pages, your social media, your closing script, your presentations and your life. It is the best gift any entrepreneur and business owner can give to themselves and their team.

Figure Out Who That Is

So the Avatar is the “CLIENT” you want to sell to. Simple righ, but how do you figure out who that is. Well if you are established or doing even some business it is easy. Avatar for business

Let’s say you have 100 clients 20% of these clients (20 people) are buying MOST
of your stuff. (everyone hates math I already know)

● You sell 500 bottles/services/products of anything to 100 people.
● That means TWENTY PEOPLE (20) bought 400 of the BOTTLES
● Only 100 bottles were sold to the other 80 people.
● Those 20 people are your general AVATAR
● The other 80 people are wasting your time, energy, and money for the most part.
● Of the 20 people who are your general avatar, (they bought 400 bottles) 4 of those people are responsible for I HOPE YOU ARE READY …
● 4 people bought, moved, shared or are responsible for 320 of those bottles
● 4 PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE for the lion share of your sales and it gets CRAZIER
● 1 person was responsible for roughly 244 sales, THAT IS RIGHT ONE person (your specific avatar) is responsible for helping you move, market, sell almost HALF ½
of your sales.

SO once you can figure out who those 20/4/1 people are you will then know EXACTLY
who that avatar is that works for YOU.

The AVATAR is the person that best suits your product and SELLING SYSTEM.

But mostly your selling system. The product is less important to an avatar. EXAMPLE: Many people drive cars, almost all adult Americans, yet we all CHOOSE a different type of car for different reasons. In Utah the CAR of choice is actually a TRUCK, people who love a TRUCK LIFESTYLE are avatars for UTAH.

Within those AVATARS (People who share a similar set of beliefs, values, and programming) there are several different KINDS of people Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota for example.

Some Ford people will never Admit that Dodge is a Better Truck, and Toyota people completely “LAUGH” At Ford and Dodge people because they believe they got it WRONG.

A non-truck buyer could care less, they think all truck buyers are crazy.


TRUCK BUYERS share a certain set of beliefs that make them WANT
AND INVEST IN trucks. Those same beliefs are NOT SHARED WITH people who drive
“electric sedans” for example.

Here is where people get CONFUSED. A person Dabbles in the truck world and the
sedan world by HAVING BOTH. Is that person a TRUCK AVATAR… NO, they are not a
truck avatar or a sedan avatar just because they own both.

YOUR AVATAR is the person who BELIEVES in the same systems and values and
ideals that WORK FOR YOUR COMPANY. Belief is the key to the avatar, they already
want what you have so there is no NEED TO SELL IT.

AN Avatar is a set of BELIEFS, VALUES, and IDEALS and most importantly these are
clearly displayed in their DECISIONS IN LIFE.

● Where they live
● Where they pray
● Where they work
● Whom they work with
● WHY THEY work with them

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